How It Works

Our goal is to offer resources, advocacy and assistance through the confusing journey after a cancer diagnosis. 

CG staff will conduct a preliminary consultation with potential clients. This is to be done over the phone and is a complimentary service. You then have the option to seek in-depth and longer-term services, either on an hourly or a monthly subscription basis. Subscriptions allow the client to access CG services on a more ongoing basis, and alleviate the pressure of seeking guidance within a strict hourly timeframe. 


CG offers practical advice and assistance, helping you sift through an overwhelming amount of information and allowing you to delegate many cumbersome tasks. Because it can be hard to anticipate everything you'll need, below is a list of services sought by most patients. We are here to help. 

  • Advice on what to ask your doctor

  • Assistance with hair loss/retention

    • Scalp cooling systems

    • Wigs, including where to buy and how to seek insurance coverage

  • Product recommendations for comfort and appearance

  • Guidance on what to expect and how to cope with:

    • Surgery

    • Radiation

    • Chemotherapy

    • Fertility preservation

  • Resources for financial assistance

  • Guidance on appealing insurance claims

  • Help with applying for long-term leave and disability

  • Prescription pick-up and other errands

  • Arranging transportation and accompaniment to and from appointments

  • Help with organizing bills, records, calendar and doctors' information


CG is a support organization. We do not offer medical advice or assessments, and will not make health care decisions for the patient. CG can not receive patient information from health care providers or insurance companies.


CG’s goal is to provide services to anyone who seeks them. Therefore, rates for services are along a sliding scale, with three tiers.

Introductory Session/Hourly Rates
One-hour session to establish the client’s goals and provide a CG welcome packet of materials. 

Under 60K (single)/100K (household): FREE
60k-100K (single)/100K-175K (household): $50
100K and above (single)/175K and above (household): $100

Monthly Subscription
10 hours per month and any additional hours at the same hourly rate. Minimum 3-month commitment. 

Under 60K (single)/100K (household): $25 a month
60k-100K (single)/100K-175K (household): $85 a month
100K and above (single)/175K and above (household): $150 a month


If you would like to set-up a complimentary introductory call to find out more about our services, please fill out and submit the form below.

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